Flower Pretzel Bites Recipe

Flower Pretzel Bites – delicious bites of sweet and salty goodness made with pretzels and colorful M&M’s. So beautiful, so yummy, so easy to make!

You will need:

Hanover Pretzel Snaps
Wilton Candy Melts – Bright White
M&M Candies


  1. Arrange 8 to 9 Pretzel Snaps on a paper plate.
  2. Place a candy melt in the center of each pretzel.
  3. Place the plate of pretzels in the microwave and heat them until the candy melts are at the beginning stage of being melted. They should be soft to the touch and melted enough to press a M&M down into it but not so melty that the candy is running off the pretzel.  (Approximately 50 seconds.)
  4. Read more on Flower Pretzel Bites @ twosisterscrafting.com

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